9 Types of Expat Mum You Find on the Expat Circuit

My time in Dubai is drawing to an end, and with it, my time as an Expat Mum. Like before, when I have shared the types of Mum you might stumble across in Baby Group I thought it might be nice to share some of the types of expat mum you might meet (and not necessarily in baby group).

Now the rules of Expat Mum Club is that you don’t talk about Expat Mum Club, however I think as I am soon to exit the ranks of being an Expat Mum then it will be OK for me to share some of the mums that I’ve met along the way….and I wouldn’t be without them. These mums? These expat mums have made my Dubai.

The “Been Here Forever” Expat Mum

One to get to know.  A fountain of knowledge, the best ladies night?  No sweat she knows it.  The best soft play?  She can direct you.  The random item you need to find in Dragonmart?  She has you covered.

An invaluable asset to all expats, make sure you grab her phone number!

The “Just Off the Boat” Expat Mum

We’ve all been there, arriving somewhere where we don’t know anyone.  Don’t know the culture.  Don’t know the City.  Add arriving with little people in tow and you are, often, even more terrified.

The best thing?  As everyone has been there, generally, everyone is welcoming and ready to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a playdate and a phone number.  Because we all remember.  And we all want to pay it forward from those who did the same for us.

The “It’s Not Like This at Home” Expat Mum

Well, no, it’s not like this at home because you’re NOT at home any more.  There will always be differences, be them cultural, social or political.  That’s the beauty of the world, no two places are the same.  Not even at home.

The “Social Butterfly” Expat Mum

Every Facebook event you’ve been too, she’s there.  She knows the best spots for babies, toddlers, kids, tweens AND teens.  If she hasn’t been to a ladies night it’s not worth going too.  Catch her quick for a date in the diary.

The “Facebook Organiser” Expat Mum

You begin to rely quite heavily on Facebook and Facebook groups as an expat.  One such group that has been invaluable to me is “British Mums Dubai” run, for free, by a lovely group of “Facebook Organiser” mums.  Without BMD (you have to get down with the lingo) I wouldn’t have met some of my friends after putting it out there that I was lonely, responding to others who were lonely. Then there are the groups that are specific to your end of town, where you know you will be able to meet others in the same boat without having to trek along the (terrifying) Sheikh Zayed Road, the groups run tirelessly by mums who just want to help you, the groups like Marina Mums for those of you up in this area.

The “Lonely” Expat Mum

It’s intimidating and tough being the new face around.  Some people take to it like a duck to water diving straight in and filling up their diary.  Others don’t find this so easy.

It’s not always those that have just arrived that are lonely, when people leave and you’re the one left behind it’s hard.  Your social circle changes, people who you relied on leave.  No one expects you to be lonely after 2 years but it happens.

If you ever see anyone looking lonely, lost or sad please go say hello.  Smile. You never know, they could become your new expat best friend.

The “Different Culture to You” Expat Mum

One of the best things about being an expat is the eclectic mix of cultures you are exposed to, not just in the country you are choosing to live in, but with those who also choose to live there. British, American, Irish, Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, Indian, Filipino, Sri Lankan, German, French, Greek, Dutch to name a few people I have met across my own time as an expat mum. Embrace it.

The “Homesick” Expat Mum

At times it gets too much. You’re too far away. You’ve left too many people behind. You just want to go home. And have a bacon butty. With all your home comforts.

This often comes in fits and starts, then one day you realise it’s time to leave your adopted country and the homesickness starts the other way.

The “Expat Best Friend who is More Like Family” Expat Mum

It’s true what they say, your friends become your family when you are an expat. And this is quite possibly the nicest one of all….

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  1. March 2, 2016 / 3:16 pm

    I don’t think that just applies to expat mums. We moved for Rev T’s job and I recognize a few of the mums I met there!

    • Laura
      March 2, 2016 / 4:09 pm

      Haha – universal mums 🙂 x

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