Week Ten #rememberingthesedays Round Up

Clare from Mudpie Fridays and I have launched our very own Instagram Community #rememberingthesedays for photographs that capture the special moments in family life.  Every Sunday we will be sharing our favourites on our blogs and over on Instagram, and today is that day for week ten!

Ten weeks in and we continue to be blown away by the incredible images, the beautiful memories shared and the real community feel that is starting to develop.  Instagram is my happy place, and I love that you all share these precious moments with us at #rememberingthesedays.

And with that said, we would love you all to keep joining in next week, we love seeing those precious family moments from the ordinary moments to the extraordinary, because let’s face it, when you have children even the ordinary moments become special.   Simply tag any photos of your memories #rememberingthesedays for a chance to feature.

This week for me it is all about the sleeping babies…


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Early Mornings

Sticking with the sleeping theme, my favourite picture this week was one of the Baby after an early alarm of 5am. The boy who had dropped his morning nap crashed hard at 8:30am and slept for over an hour, which he hasn’t really done since we arrived in Doha.

It’s been tough living on top of one another for the past month, the boys have learnt to sleep through us crashing about and we have learnt that 8pm is an acceptable bedtime when they wake you early. Though this week also saw us move into our new house so look out for updates when our stuff finally arrives…

Sweet Dreams

Again, sticking with the sleeping baby poses, my favourite photo of Clare’s this week is this gorgeous capture of Kipper in the standard newborn sleeping pose; arms above the head. I don’t remember when mine stopped doing this but I miss it… it used to be my litmus test as to whether I could leave the room or not, if the arms stayed down I was fine they were fast asleep!

We’d love to see your #rememberingthesedays photos, please do tag us over on Instagram.



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  1. September 18, 2016 / 7:03 am

    Loving the sleeping baby theme!! I can’t get over how many rags we are getting each week now! Yay! Xx

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