Life in Qatar: The Superhero Brunch at the Ritz Carlton, Doha

The last weekend in November was a busy one for us, not only did we celebrate our first ever Thanksgiving with new friends here in Doha, we also did our very first family brunch.  But it wasn’t just any old brunch, it was the spectacular Superhero brunch at the Ritz Carlton, Doha which takes place the last Friday of every month.

We had borrowed a Superman costume, we had prepped the boys that they were about to meet real life superheroes and away we went….

Entrance to the superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

Walking through the hotel and entering The Lagoon Restaurant you are immediately transported to a quintessential ye olde picnic, and then BOOM, Superhero.  Supergirl was waiting to check our reservation, swiftly followed by Batgirl taking us through to our table with a 4 year old whispering to Daddy about her cape.  We were sat right by the children’s entertainment so once we hit the table we didn’t see the Big One for dust, he ran off, kicking his shoes off along the way and then sat patiently waiting to have his face painted.  Taking the chance to walk the baby round in the pram to have his nap my husband, with the broken foot, took the chance to sit down and supervise from afar.  Whilst eyeing up all the goodies laid out on the table.

Food on the table at the superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

A quick whirl round the room, inspecting the buffets and oohing over the fantastic decorations and we had sleep down.  It was time to get this party started.

sleeping baby at the superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

Food fit for a Superhero

One of my biggest problems with brunch is that I never seem to eat enough.  I end up wandering from station to station contemplating what would be good to eat.  Not so at the Superhero Brunch at the Ritz Carlton.  A mix of buffet stations and table services meant I definitely wasn’t going home with the munchies after this brunch.

We were greeted at the table with an array of cold meats and breads, then shortly after sitting down, and getting those all important refreshments, food began to arrive.  First up the boys each received a Superhero box, with a mini burger perfectly sized for little hands, a portion of wonderfully seasoned chips, a side of creamed Popeye spinach (for muscles) and the BEST mac ‘n’ cheese I’ve ever tasted.  So much so I requested my own….

childrens meal at the superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

Not to be outdone, the “grown up” food began to arrive.  Seafood salads, green salads, sushi.  Thank table was groaning under the weight of all this deliciousness and that was simply the start of the food.

From wonderful burritos to a cheeky hot dog.  Dim sum to popcorn.  There was something for everyone’s palate on offer.  We wolfed down 2 burritos each, loving Mexican food and then wished we’d saved a little more room as, with a nod to Thanksgiving, the turkey roast arrived on the table plated up for two.  And who doesn’t love a roast dinner?

roast turkey dinner at the ritz carlton doha

A little break for my little Superheroes

At this point the Baby had woken up, wolfed a sausage and was ready to play.  He joined his brother on the smaller of the two bouncy castles, away from the bigger kids who were having a whale of a time, then we decided to take a walk outside.  Daddy, limping ahead with his boot in his cast from his broken foot, leading with the Baby.  I followed behind with the Big One when disaster struck.  He turned suddenly and caught his eye on the corner of the hot dog table, splitting it open.  The blood pouring I scooped him up and ran to a table to grab a napkin.  I cannot praise the staff enough for their help.  Not only did they come running to me, one ran for a first aid box, one ran and alerted my husband as to what was going on, one ran for ice and one ran for gummi bears to help stop the tears.  They were amazing in assessing and the support which was shown.  The offers of an ambulance if required. However, when the bleeding eventually slowed enough for us to assess the damage, it showed a superficial wound which just bled a lot due to where it was located.  Patching him up and double checking he definitely didn’t want to go to hospital (he didn’t) we carried on.

patched up kid

Making it outside to have a quiet walk and calm down after all the excitement of the last 15 minutes….

view outside superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

How do you cheer up a Superhero?

So the big question was, how do you cheer up a superhero when he’s down?  The answer – sugar.  And the Superhero brunch at the Ritz Carlton doesn’t disappoint.  A beautiful buffet with everything you could imagine, including a centre piece superhero cake and a tempting line of toffee apples.

dessert buffet at the superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

But the real prize was delivered to the table, a hot dog donut.  No, not a hot dog IN a donut, but a donut AS a hot dog.  Confused?

hot dog donut at the superhero brunch at the ritz carlton


And with that bombshell it was time to head home, wounded, full and on a sugar high.

What you need to know about a Superhero Brunch

The Superhero Brunch at the Ritz Carlton takes place on the last Friday of every month.  Prices start at 249QR with unlimited soft drinks, up to 349QR with alcoholic drinks.  Children from 5-12 pay 99QR and the youngest people in your life go free.

We have our next trip all ready planned for next year, without incident next time!

The Superhero Brunch at the Ritz Carlton – in photos

superhero brunch at the ritz carlton superhero brunch at the ritz carlton superhero brunch at the ritz carlton superhero brunch at the ritz carlton superhero brunch at the ritz carlton

Disclaimer: we were guests at the superhero brunch at the Ritz Carlton, all opinions are my own.



    • Laura
      December 8, 2016 / 6:30 am

      It was incredible, really relaxed even with the boys xx

    • Laura
      December 8, 2016 / 6:29 am

      They are pretty special, food, wine, superhero!! How’s baby girl coming along??xx

  1. December 6, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    Wow, this sounds incredible, what an experience for your boys! I’m so sorry he hurt himself, what a nightmare. I’m glad it didn’t ruin your brunch though and the staff do sound incredible!
    Plutonium Sox recently posted…Inspirational Parents #22 – Monkey and MouseMy Profile

    • Laura
      December 8, 2016 / 6:29 am

      Oh its amazing! We can’t wait to go back, the plan is to get a big group of us together at the end of Jan!x

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