#RememberingTheseDays – Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s Sunday, which means that it is time for the #rememberingthesedays for photographs that capture the special moments in family life round up with myself and Clare from Mudpie Fridays .

I think today marks the 6 months anniversary of #rememberingthesedays.  I *think* we are twenty six weeks in, but however long we have been running one thing hasn’t changed – we continue to be blown away by the incredible images, the beautiful memories shared and the real community feel that is starting to develop.  Instagram is my happy place, and I love that you all share these precious moments with us at #rememberingthesedays.

We would love you all to keep joining in next week, we love seeing those precious family moments from the ordinary moments to the extraordinary, because let’s face it, when you have children even the ordinary moments become special.   Simply tag any photos of your memories #rememberingthesedays for a chance to feature.

Every week when I look through the photos I look for a theme that jumps out at me.  This week I am missing the UK a little bit.  What may be a little surprising is that it is actually a little bit cold out here in Qatar.  Not jumpers, scarves and bundle up cold.  But very brisk when you go out at nighttime.  I do miss the breath in front of your face and the crunch of frost underfoot.  So with that said, this week for me it’s all about being cold outside.

#RememberingTheseDays Week 26 Round Up

Top Left – @verymuchsoblog
Top Right – @oh_maxwell
Bottom Left – @mrs_roberts_2014
Bottom Right – @chocolateandwineandillbefine

Living Arrows

This week I’ve been shockingly bad at taking photos, much less uploading them to Instagram.  It’s the whole getting back into routine, slowly but surely and just finding my feet again.  However (and there is always a however) this year I am joining in with Living Arrows and this is my first shot of the Baby in action.  I simply adore the joy on his face here and what you can’t see is that he is beaming at his big brother who is clapping him for going down on the slide on his own.

Looking back

I love when you look back at old photos and all of a sudden realise how big your children have become. It’s bittersweet but goes to show that they get bigger every day without you noticing. I love this old photo of Monkey that Clare found, you can see how much younger he looks in comparison to recent photos.

We’d love to see your #rememberingthesedays photos, please do tag us over on Instagram.



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