You know you’re a mum of boys…. please just stop

So you’re a mum of boys.

You must have your hands full then?  A dirty, noisy house?  A little one who likes to say poo a lot and giggle uncontrollably after he’s said it.  Being a mum of boys, I now feel equipped to let you all in on a little secret, the top 10 signs that you are in fact a mum of boys….

1. You have a son

You have a son, ergo you are a boy mum.

2. You have a son

Or maybe more than one son, ergo you are a mum of boys.

3. You have a son

See where I’m going with this yet?

4. You have a son

How about now?

5. You have a son

And so on and so forth until you hit the tenth sign…

10. You have a son

And that’s about the only sign you need to know you are a mum of boys.

Signs that you are a mum of boys…

Lately I keep seeing articles and memes pop up giving me the top ten signs I am in fact a boy mum.  You know, in case the fact I had two sons slipped my mind.

being a mum of boys; my two boys

I can assure you, the boys have made sure that I don’t forget them.  Ever.  But the signs that I’m a boy mum?  Well these articles are beginning to irritate me.

From the mud, to the pee on the floor.  From the fart jokes to the Minecraft quotes (what IS Minecraft?!).  Stereotype after stereotype.

The stereotypes that we seem to still be pushing on our boys (and our girls I’m sure).  Boys are messy, they pee on the floor, they are bundles of energy.  Yes.  It may be true of your son, but it also may be true of your daughter.

Not all little boys like to run around in the mud, not all girls like to sit quietly and have tea parties.  Shock horror some of them may like to do things that aren’t your stereotypical boy/girl things.  I mean, a boy reading a princess magazine?  Who would have believed that?

My (then) three year old thrilled to be reading his Disney Princess magazine

I could write a list of traits that my four year old son has.  Traits which include playing with planes, loving to bake, having ants in his pants and not being able to sit still for a minute.  Yes he misses the toilet bowl and pees on the floor which is the bane of my life, but he is also my cautious child, he is the one that watches, assess and waits before he joins in with anything.  That sits, listens and then acts.  That isn’t (always) one of these testosterone crazed four year olds running round in the park.

Then I could write a separate list of traits for my two year old son.  From his love of cars to his need to have his teddy Buddy in his cot.  That he loves nothing more than backing up to sit on my lap to read a story.  He doesn’t pee on the floor yet, unless he is nappy free but I’m sure that’s coming.  That he is most definitely not my cautious child, he is fearless, yet gentle.  He loves animals and cuddles.

You see even though I am a mum to boys.  To two boys at that.  They are so different in personality, so different in their likes and dislikes, that there is no list that could define me a boy mum.

I am simply their mum.

And that is the only sign I need to know that I am, indeed, a mum of boys.



Top signs you are a mum of boys - it's time to stop the stereotypes



  1. J
    May 2, 2017 / 11:21 am

    Well said! I’m also so fed up with these stereotypes.

  2. May 7, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    I am a mum (of a son) (who happens to have autism). He loves dance, singing, princess toys and fairies. My Dad (of a particular generation) thinks it’s outrageous. I do it even more.

    I love my child (son) (with autism) and you know what? He can play with whatever he likes, I just want him to be happy.

    I hope other people see that too rather than another opportunity to highlight differences.

    Great post!

  3. July 4, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    YES to all this! I have three sons and they are all different and I too am sick of the stereotypes. My boys are energetic, yes (but then so are most kids I know) but they can all sit still – my eldest (10) loves to read and the younger two (7 and 4) draw pictures for hours on end. If I were to believe the stereotype then I must be hallucinating this fact! Even their love of play fighting isn’t an exclusively ‘boy’ thing as my friends with girls are very quick to point out. As you say, I don’t think the stereotypes help any of our kids. We should just let them be themselves. Xx

  4. February 11, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    Totally agree – I’m mum to three lovely boys; they’re all so different from each other in so many ways. My youngest love to dance and sing to a little Little Mix, as do I. My middle one prefers a little heavy rock and my eldest is presently into Oasis (I keep telling him that I was around the first time round!). I am simply known as Mum!

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