Unique birthday gifts for 5 year old

Somehow my eldest turns five next week.  FIVE.

It doesn’t seem like yesterday we found out he was arriving, even less time since we brought him home from the hospital and blundered through those first days with no real clue.  The sleepless nights that felt never ending.  Getting the hang of breastfeeding, then the final days.  Moving from milk to food.  First tastes of cake.  Growing, learning, day by day.

Then all of a sudden here is he is.  Turning five.

And with turning five comes presents.  All of the presents apparently, his birthday list grows by the second.  To be fair it’s mainly LEGO that he’s after but I’ve been having a look around at some other bits I can drop in that are less likely to cause me pain when I stand on them.  But what unique birthday gift for 5 year old are there?

One of the issues I have is that I am a bit obsessed with online shopping, especially for gifts, but getting bits and pieces shipped to Qatar takes time and planning (and often a shop and ship account).  At Christmas I upped my game to get my husbands gifts shipped directly via Uncommon Goods.

Whilst this time I might have missed the boat to get them in time for his birthday, Uncommon Goods haven’t missed the party on unique, unusual and personalised gifts.  Gifts that my (nearly *sob*) five year old will love.  Maybe I should get ordering in time for Christmas….

Unique birthday gifts for 5 year old

Personalised Goodnight Book

The personalised Goodnight Book.  If you’ve been following our tale you’ll have seen that we are struggling at the moment with a crisis of confidence.  We are putting plans in place that are helping with these issues such as giving him more control at home and at school which is helping.  The other thing we do is that every night before bed we give him “special time” with a special story just him without his little brother jumping into the fray.  So far so good, and a personalised book will help make it all the more special.

The Play and Go Storage Mat

Have you ever seen the film Cars?  I have.  Over a thousand times it feels like.  And Cars 2.  And Cars 3 at the cinema.

If he isn’t watching Cars he is playing with them, and they all talk to one another and they all get thrown around the house.  The play and go storage mat is the perfect solution giving him the roads to play on and keeping the cars tidy!  Win-win.

Personlised Mini Rolling Pin

We love to bake.  And my eldest is pretty darn good.  He’d love his own mini personalised rolling pin to help him make pies and pastries that his brother wouldn’t be allowed to eat because they don’t have his name on…

Jetpack Backpack

When you love to play pretend and also like to carry all your toys everywhere with you in an emergency…. never fear the jetpack backpack ticks all boxes.

Three Little Pigs Toy House

Little Pig, Little Pig let me come in

Nursery rhymes are forming a good proportion of his education, learning a new one each week at school.  Why not let him reenact at home?


What gift would you buy a five year old?



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  1. September 30, 2017 / 12:03 pm

    Wow fabulous ideas for gifting someone of five years. Rocket bagpack is the best one. I like it very much.

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