Deck the Halls! Christmas decorating ideas for the exterior of your home

You might have seen that we’ve recently moved into a new house on a new compound with a wonderful community feel.  At the moment it’s all about the Halloween decor but with Christmas on the way you know what’s going to happen….

It’s often a major competition during the festive season: who has the biggest, brightest and most imaginative lights on the street.  You can make your house look beautiful on the inside for Christmas, but it’s just as exciting for the kids if you make the outside of your home look festive and ready to welcome Father Christmas – as well as making passers-by smile.

But did you know that it doesn’t have to be all about the flashing, dancing lights? Lighting up your home for a whole month can get pretty expensive, it looks great too – but the constant flashing and bright neon lights might grate on you (and your neighbours) after a time! Here, we’ve compiled a few tips and ideas to help turn your house into a magical, winter wonderland – just in time for Christmas.

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Outdoor signs

Let the neighbours know that you’re ready for Christmas by purchasing some custom signs to stick in your front lawn or around your front door. “Santa stop here” is always popular – or you can visit an outdoor custom sign provider to really make them individual and special to your family. In addition, you can get them out every year!

Light up boxes

Wreaths or garlands with twinkling lights around them are a classic Christmas decoration – so why not tap into the unexpected and wrap empty boxes, decorate them elaborately and then light them up with battery operated string lights. Remember to keep them somewhere sheltered!  Not only that but if you look around you can often find voucher codes for Christmas Trees and Lights, what better way to get some extra pennies for presents whilst still giving your house a festive makeover.

Nutcracker statue

Everyone associates the Nutcracker with Christmas, so you won’t need much more decoration if you invest in a Nutcracker statue and place it on your front porch!

Create giant baubles

Got some old car tyres lying around? Why not spray paint them bright colours and using a stencil decorate them with snowflakes or a Christmas tree. Then stick them on the front porch for the whole street to see.

Falling snowflakes

Get the kids involved and create snowflakes cut from paper to hang in each window pane of your front door.

A Christmas hanging basket

If you’re bored of the traditional Christmas wreath then why not try a hanging basket? Fill this with pine-cones, holly and bright greens for a festive look.

Ornament boxes

If your window boxes are currently empty and awaiting the first blooms of spring then why not utilise this empty space? Fill the empty boxes with Christmas ornaments, whether that’s large baubles, a garland or just some battery powered lights.

A garland over your doorway

Welcoming the festive season has never been easier. Purchase a large garland and outline your front door with it. Then adorn it with bright red bows, and pretty snowflake ornaments.

Mason jar lights

It’s true that mason jars are ideal for pretty much everything! Instead of bumping up your electricity bill this festive season, fill large mason jars with battery powered fairy lights and leave them in various places around your property. This cute idea is something the kids can help you with too!

And after all that, kick back with some gingerbread and get writing your letter to Santa.

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