Great Ways to Create Private Spaces in Your Garden

People love their gardens. However, many of us sigh still a bit when it is time to cut the grass, yet again. But, usually, it feels worth it for the luxury of being able to slip out on a sunny day to soak up the heat.

Of course, if yours is overlooked by neighbours, you may not feel that way. If it is not a private enough space you are not likely to feel you can really relax out there. This is a shame because, as you will see, creating some private space in a garden is not difficult.

Plant a hedge

One option is to buy some Leyland Cypress from The Tree Center. This evergreen tree grows extremely fast and can easily reach heights of 40ft. Once grown, it is really easy to maintain. You just need to cut it once, maybe twice, a year. Therefore, it makes a really good hedge.

Photo Credit: The Tree Centre

Before planting this tree, check local planning laws. The fact that it grows so high means that it is banned in some places.

If you do plant it think about the impact it will have on your neighbors. Remember that it will block a lot of light and cast a shadow. To be safe only let it grow as tall as absolutely necessary, then cut the tops off. This will stop it from growing upwards.

You can also use these trees within your garden to create screened off areas. In small gardens, you will be better off choosing another screening option. This is because each Leyland Cypress will spread to cover about 25ft of the ground.

Use living screens

One approach that works particularly well is to use some sort of trellis and use it to support some sort of growing plant. This is a great way to create a screen that is guaranteed to blend in with any style of garden. There are literally hundreds of plants that you could potentially use to do this. Which you can use depends on the growing conditions in your garden and the effect you want to achieve. You can find out more about how to approach creating a living screen by reading this article.

Other types of screens

The only problem with living screens is that they take a bit of time to maintain. Plus, in some climates, it is not possible to use evergreen plants. This means that at certain times of the year, the screens do not provide enough privacy.

In that situation, you are probably better off creating a screen using other materials. There are many different options. Bricks can work well. Once up they can be painted or left bare. The good thing about brick is that it is practically maintenance free. Unlike wood panels, which usually need painting every year, to keep them looking good and stop them from rotting.

Turning your garden into a more secluded space is not hard, but it does take planning. You will need to sit down and think about what you want to do in your garden, so you create your secluded spots in the right place.

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