Will you be donning denim this September?

Jeans for genes.  Something I had never heard of until I entered the world of work around 10 years ago and a notice was sent around telling us to don denim one Friday late September.

I mean, a total panic attack later, I managed a very cool look of my jeans , some funky boots, a top and a load of chunky necklaces.  Smart, casual, trendy.  (Kind of).  And merrily dropped my donation in the tin for Genetic Disorders UK alongside all of my jean clad colleagues.

It’s amazing what a leveller it can be when everyone comes in their “normal” clothes.  My suited, booted, old enough to be my dad boss wandering round in just normal man jeans.  My (now) husband, wandering the office in the same jeans he still wears now.  Me strutting my stuff in the bootcut jeans from my teenage years.  All of us, the same.

The atmosphere often feels different.  Lighter.  More in tune with one another.  As though you remember that everyone is a real person, with real issues and a real life.  Not just John from the office who takes his coffee black when it’s your turn to do the tea round.

Image: Jacamo

Social Media and Charity Campaigns

I know there has been a lot in the media in recent years about charity campaigns.  About raising awareness.  And questioning whether doing a no make up selfie, the ice bucket challenge, Movember, Jeans for Genes is the way forward to do so.

I say why not?

Pulling on a pair of jeans and dropping some coins into a tin may seem like it’s doing nothing to you.  Yet it has people talking.  Why are you wearing jeans today?   What are you collecting for?

It’s a conversation starter.  A fund raiser.

And in the case of jeans for genes, one which has raised over £35 million pounds since it became a national appeal in 1992.  That helps provide funding for research into countless genetic disorders in children.  Cystic Fibrosis.  Sickle Cell Anaemia.  Muscular Dystrophy.

With genetic disorders affecting 1 in 25 children, with half a million children and adults in the UK living with challenges that their genetic disorder may bring.  Pulling on a pair of jeans seems such a simple way to help bring about further research, understanding and awareness.

So I say why not?

Will you be donning denim this September 21st 2018?

Sign up here.

jeans for genes

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