Teak Garden Benches Vs. Other Outdoor Furniture – Which is Best Over Winter

When storage space in the garden is lacking, it means garden furniture passes the winter in the garden. Which copes best, teak garden benches or other kinds of outdoor furniture?

Teak Garden Benches Vs. Other Outdoor Furniture – Which is Best Over Winter

Wood, you may think, doesn’t have the ability to withstand the damp, the incessant rain and the cold of the British winter. And if it does survive, the chances of a wooden bench still being usable come the spring is limited.

You would be half wrong and half right because some wood is not able to withstand the weather very well at all from drying out in the summer sun to rotting as a result of rain and the cold.

Plastic, of course, stands form in anything except that for many of us, the nature of plastic has taken on a whole new meaning since it has become clear just how damaging the manufacture and disposal of plastic is to the planet.

Metal last an age but it too, is from a dwindling source and with prices on the up, the metal garden bench, not always the comfiest, may actually be worth more as scrap to be melted down and made into something else. Depending on the metal, it too may not weather the winter well, rusting in the rain over time.

Choose the right wood

Firstly, when it comes to wooden garden furniture, you must choose the right wood such as teak used in the garden furniture range of Sloane and Sons Garden Benches.

A slow growing wood, it has a dense structure and that makes it a hardwood. The tighter the interior structure of wood, the harder it is.

Softwood garden furniture may come with a ‘bargain’ price tag but unless it is stored away for the winter, it is unlikely to last for more than a few seasons. You also need to be careful with it during summer too as it can dry out in the sun and start to break down.

Teak is far more robust in the face of weather but it needs some help to get through winter after winter.

The real problem with winter weather

British winters tend to be grey and soggy. Some areas of the country can receive an extraordinary amount of rain, whereas other areas enjoy a more temperate climate.

No matter where you live, there is one main enemy of the team garden bench – cold. But here’s the good news: you can protect your teak garden bench.

     1. Undercover

All garden furniture benefits from spending the winter in a dry place and under cover from the weather but when space in the garage or shed is at a premium, and outside is the only option, putting it in a sheltered spot will help to protect garden furniture.

     2. Protective cover

Protecting your teak garden bench with a well-fitting, waterproof protective cover is a fantastic move that helps your garden bench to last longer, and in great shape too. What you don’t want is for the garden bench to be damp all the time. This is not only damaging to the structure of the wood but also creates the perfect conditions for mould, debris and detritus to stick to.

     3. Cold

The biggest problem with winter weather is the cold, especially frosty and freezing conditions. If a wooden bench is wet and the temperatures drop, water inside and on its surface will freeze. When it thaws, the small ice crystals expand, causing damage to the wood. A protective cover prevents water from settling on and in the wood, thus your teak garden bench will survive the winter without damage.

Maintenance of teak garden furniture

Wood is a natural material and it needs some help staying in shape. A teak bench that is nourished and protected will withstand the winter weather much better.

For those of us short on time, the thought of sanding, oiling or even varnishing the garden bench may not sound like the perfect way to spend hours and hours. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long at all.

Brush it, a wash down every now and then and it will stay in great shape and if it needs it, oil the teak garden bench every other season or if you prefer, varnish or paint it.

Investing in a teak garden bench

Strong, robust and stylish, investing in a teak garden bench and a well-fitting, waterproof cover will mean it lasts for years to come – and is environmentally friendly too.

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