To my unborn third child…

To my unborn baby son,

My third child.  You’d think I’d be more prepared by now, and in a way I am.  I have my list ready, the big items ticked off and we’re just waiting impatiently for your arrival.

Which got us thinking.

Our parenting styles have changed with each baby we’ve had.  The issues surrounding upbringing have been different with each baby.  From managing naptime, to school runs and playdates.

And it’s no different for you little boy.  We’re probably the most relaxed we’ve ever been about welcoming a baby into our family, and yet even with that fact we know that everything will be a little different.

That your upbringing will be a little different to theirs…

  1. Nothing will be yours.  Everything will be taken over by one, or both (probably both) of your big brothers.  It won’t matter that it’s specifically for you, you have it, they’ll want it.

  1. You will probably be hit by a stray nerf gun bullet, football, tennis ball or other unidentified flying object
  2. You’ll probably be dropped by a doting older brother at some point.  Don’t worry – I will only let them hold you on soft surfaces, whilst sitting down.
  3. You will be dragged around in a car seat, day in, day out, to things that don’t interest or concern you.  Things like, football lessons, rugby lessons, swimming lessons, school runs.  If I have to go, you have to come.

  1. Your nap schedule will happen as and when I find the time to give you one.  Unlike your older brothers who dozed peacefully in the cot until ready to awaken you will have to fall asleep on the go, and will most likely be woken up by said older brother screeching in your face.
  2. Ditto bedtime.
  3. Over enthusiastic love and kisses.  And slobber.  A lot of slobber.  That’s not your own.  Sorry – but they love you already.
  4. First foods won’t be pureed delights.  They probably won’t even be the hastily chopped up, slightly steamed pear quarters I gave to your middle brother.  They will be snatched from your older brothers plates I’m sure.  Given their fussy eating phase that has been going on for the past three years it is likely that said food will be beige.   Or chocolate.

spaghetti baby led weaning

  1. With the older two I babyproofed within an inch of my life.  Stair gates, cupboard locks, set areas to play.  And of course no small toys.  That was before LEGO entered my life.  That stuff gets everywhere – I’m just going to have to turn vigilante on you the second you go on the move.  Or buy a baby jail.
  2. Generally, you’re just going to be welcomed into the general chaos that is our life.  The noise.  The love.  The laughter.  The tears.  But mainly, the chaos that comes from having two older brothers.

And you know what?  I think you’re going to fit right in and love it.

Lots of love,



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