Why I choose to give my children vitamins #MyBassettsVits

When my eldest was a baby he ate everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.  I put it in front of him and he gobbled it up.  I slaved over the Baby Led Weaning cookbook trying new and exotic dishes.  He wasn’t going to be like my fussy husband.  No sir.  Not my baby.

He ate Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Spicy Lamb Patties, Butter Chicken, Goulash.  All lovingly prepared and slaved over.  All homemade.

Until one day he didn’t.

And that was that.  His diet reduced to no meat, no fish, just a few select vegetables and a lot of carbs.  It was a nightmare.  I was tearing my hair out – I just didn’t understand why he didn’t eat what was put in front of him anymore.

Then his baby brother arrived, and from the moment he could eat he was sharing his brothers meals.  The problem we found though, was that as his big brother was fussy and so the little one followed suite.

And so began our mission to make mealtimes fun

Fun.  Flavourful.  Packed full of the right vitamins to make them grow.

Getting them involved in the kitchen, baking, preparing pizza, making their dinner themselves.


Teaching them about what they put into their bodies is important.  That it fuels them, makes them grow big and strong – into superheroes.

Yet still I worried about their vitamin intake and looked into multivitamins that BOTH the boys could take together.

I’ll admit, I was slapdash with my approach, and more often than not my good intentions ended up with the sugar-coated vitamins.

So when the boys were asked to try out the new Bassett Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamin Orange Flavour Pastilles I jumped at the chance.


How did the boys like #MyBassettsVits

It’s safe to say that they LOVE them.  And coming from Fussy 1 and Fussy 2 that’s a pretty good recommendation.

From the natural orange flavour, to the soft and chewy texture, the boys were eager to eat one each morning and have yet to refuse.  Unlike most other foods which seem to go through phases of being their favourites.

I asked the boys what their favourite thing about #MyBassettsVits was and the answer was unanimous – the orange flavour.  Swiftly followed by the fact that they help them grow big, strong and smart.

Then I really put them to the test and asked them to use their new smart brains to draw me a picture of what they thought the vitamins tasted like.  While my three year old drew an orange scribble which he then told me was our cat Mabel, next to another scribble that was our wardrobe (apparently).  I asked my eldest and he looked at me like I was crazy – because obviously it was the biggest orange in the world.

#MyBassettsvits #MyBassettsvits

But what did I think?

The fact that Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamin Orange Flavour Pastilles are a supportive partner in a healthy, balanced diet is a massive factor for me.* That it supplements rather than replaces.  Containing only natural flavours and colours – with no added sugar, alongside Vitamin B6 to support normal psychological function and Vitamin B5 which contributes to mental performance to support a smart way to start the day 

With a new school term around the corner, for both boys, I’m sure that the added benefits of Bassetts Vitamins Omega-3 + Multivitamin Orange Flavour Pastilles #MyBassettsVits (as listed above!) will help them both through the long autumn term.


*Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet*

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