Five reasons why learning to swim is non-negotiable in our house

ADVERT: This post was commissioned by Simply Swim.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

Having three children means that not everyone can do every after school, extra curricular activity they want. Not only are they expensive, but time consuming. Instead we work on the theory that they choose one, I choose one. And for me, really, there is no choice. They must learn to swim. It’s something I feel passionately about. Swimming lessons are non-negotiable. So each week we pull out the swim kits and head to lessons. And as soon as the baby is a bit older I’ll be donning him out with all the swimming kit that he needs and plunging him in.

Why is it non-negotiable?

It’s non negotiable because it’s a life saving skill, you could save your own life by being able to swim, or you could save someone else’s.

That is why, once again, I’m sat on the edge of the pool, baby in sling, watching as the two boys are in their respective lessons. Learning the basics.

Bubble blowing. Kicking. Arms whirling. Face in the water.

Kick boards. Pool noodles. Goggles. Swim trunks.

Splashing around. Having fun. Learning.

Forward and backwards they kick across the pool. One at the start of his swimming journey, the other learning his strokes. Both enjoying being in the water.

It is a life saving skill

One that I am determined that all my boys will possess.

Not only could being able to swim save your life, as you go through the ranks of swim school you also give yourself the potential of being in a position to save someone else’s life.

It provides them with confidence

Watching them steadily improve, week by week beaming faces coming out of the pool as they have mastered something which they have been struggling with.

Seeing as their ability comes on in leaps and bounds as they swim first two or three strokes, then widths, then lengths of the pool. Front stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly legs.

Floating, jumping, diving.

Each week they walk out of the pool a little bit taller, a little bit more confident.

It opens new possibilities

One of our favourite things to do is to is to go to water parks.

Especially me. There is just something about whizzing down a slide that makes me feel as though I am 10 years old again. The experience as you splash into the water and the thrill of each slide as you get more daring.

Knowing that the boys are able to swim enables me to let go of the apron strings a little bit more easily. That I can watch the joy in their face as they hurtle down and splash in without being too closely followed or hearing me panic tumbling down after them.

They gladly follow me down a slide whilst I am waiting at the bottom because they are not scared of landing in the water, being in the water.

It is fun

Heading to the pool is a fun activity. The pool toys and games that you can play expand as you are more able to swim.

Water polo. Volley ball. Diving for dive sticks. Water gymnastics. Races. The possibilities are endless.

Many a happy afternoon has been spent in the pool.

It keeps you active

Whilst we have some of the latest gadgets for the boys (Nintendo Switch anyone?!) and they are quite capable of sitting and watching the tv for hours and hours on end. Which is fine.

In moderation.

Quite often we impose screen bans and shoo them away on their bikes, out running and, thankfully for my creaky old joints, splashing in the pool. They don’t realise that they are busy exercising, they’re too busy having fun.

Five reasons why learning to swim as a child is non-negotiable.

Five reasons why you should take your child to learn to swim.

ADVERT: This post was commissioned by Simply Swim.  All thoughts and opinions are my own

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