KidzMondo Doha: Does it live up to the hype?

we received complimentary entry for the purpose of this review

KidzMondo, firefighters. KidzMondo, firefighters. KidzMondo, firefighters. The chant reverberated through my brain long after we headed for home after a full day at KidzMondo Doha.

The same chant has been sung at the dinner table, in the car on the way to school and to Grandma over Skype.

To say that KidzMondo Doha made an impression on my three year old is an understatement. It made his whole entire year to be invited along with his big brother and his friends to join in.

He’s been waiting to go ever since the first time we set foot in KidzMondo Doha was back in 2018. Up until now I wasn’t sure he was old enough to appreciate it, but coming up to his fourth birthday with half term looming over us, I decided now was the time.

So we came, we went, we conquered.

And how we conquered KidzMondo Doha

On arrival, as we queued to buy our tickets, we were informed that there were school trips taking place inside. Eight school trips in total with close to 500 children inside. Who were not likely to be leaving until two hours after we arrived.

Kidzmondo Doha

Holding our breath, we took the decision to enter anyway, clutching our flight tickets we took off for KidzMondo Doha.

And I have to say we were pleasantly surprised. The organization of the schools and the staff was second to none, it certainly didn’t feel like there were 500 children running around inside and as we headed to the bank to cash our cheques for those all important Kidlars, I let out my breath. It wasn’t crazy. It wasn’t hectic. It was going to be fine.

And it was. Except I was wrong on the crazy side, with the boys undertaking fifteen separate job roles across the course of the day it was a little bit crazy. But in a good way.

How does KidzMondo Doha work?

In essence KidzMondo Doha is a city entirely manned by it’s kidizens. The kids undertake various job roles across the purpose built city with some of Qatar’s finest brands emblazoned across the city. From Qatar Airways to Baladna Farm there are a wide variety of careers for your little kidizen to try their hands at.

The boys were pilots for Qatar Airways, bankers for QIIB, petrol attendants for Woqod, obtaining driving licenses with Dallah driving school and motor insurance from SEIB, put on a show with Novo cinemas to name but a few.

Kidzmondo Doha

And where they were working they earned more Kidlars, and where they were receiving goods or services they had to part with those hard earned Kidlars.

Step One: Exchange your cheque for Kidlars

On entry into KidzMondo Doha, alongside your flight ticket you’re given a cheque to start you on your way. Our first stop was QIIB bank to exchange that cheque for notes.

And whilst we were there, given that daddy is a banker, they decided that this would be their first task of the day. And in doing so earned their first 10 Kidlars for delivering the bags of money to various outlets over KidzMondo Doha.

Kidzmondo Doha

From that moment on there was no stopping them!

Step Two: Earn those Kidlars

They were on a mission to earn as much money as possible throughout the course of the day.

As our group arrived into KidzMondo Doha the boys began to take off, literally, racing for the stairs to become pilots for Qatar Airways.

Pulling on their character costumes and adjusting their Captains hats they set to work flying over the familiar landscape of Doha. Veering over the Pearl, over the city and into the sea…. yes. I won’t be trusting this pair to fly me on a plane anytime soon.

Kidzmondo Doha

They didn’t stop there.

From looking after the babies in the nursery (and being pros at it from looking after their own baby brother).

KidzMondo Doha

To saving lives as paramedics.

Kidzmondo Doha

To being petrol attendants.

KidzMondo Doha

And of course.  KidzMondo, Firefighters.

KidzMondo Doha

Racing round, watching them through the windows as their little faces lit up at the activities.  Watching them listen intently to instructions,

It was magical.

Step 3: Spend those Kidlars

Of course not all activities mean you can earn money.  Sometimes you have to part with your precious Kidlars in order to do something you really, really want to do.

And for my eldest, this was the race track.  Having finally reached the magical height of 120cm this activity was now open to him.

So he embraced it.

Excitedly applying for his driving licence, then his motor insurance.  Both costing him those precious Kidlars.  He was then ready to hit the race track at a cost of 10 Kidlars a session.

Kidzmondo Doha

He loved it.

While I took his brother back up to the pilot station, he went on again and again with his friends.  Being sent away to earn 10 Kidlars in order to be able to spend it.

Teaching them the value of money.

Step 4: Stop for lunch

Of course all workers need a lunch break.  And mine were no exception.

They were starving, having worked so hard all morning.  But I wasn’t going to let up on them.  No, they wanted dinner they had to earn it.

Mr Pizza lets you make, and eat, your own pizza.  They rushed in, made “cheese pizza just for me” (for those in the know that is a Home Alone quote) and rushed out again to eat it.

There is, however, an actual charge of Qatari Riyals rather than Kidlars for this.  But I happily parted with the cash to watch them merrily eat, refuel and get ready to go on again for the afternoon.  And I even managed to sneak away for a coffee stop myself.

And on we continued.  For another four hours!

Step 5: And then we’re done

After six and a half hours inside I was done.  We had been in KidzMondo Doha from 10am until 4:30pm, it was time for me to get home and put my feet up.

With Kidlars earned the boys eagerly counted up before going to the KidzMondo Doha shop to see what they could buy.

The answer was, not what they wanted.  The toys ranged from 80 Kidlars to thousands of Kidlars.

It looked like we were taking home wads of cash ready to bring back next time.  And as I looked round panic stricken thinking of how they would get lost, or merged together, the bank gave me the solution.

If you have earned more than 100 Kidlars you are able to open your very own bank account, complete with cash card, where you can withdraw the cash from the ATMs on your next visit.

And there will be a next visit.

KidzMondo Doha: Does it live up to the hype?

Yes.  Yes it does.  A fantastic day out with my boys, taking full advantage of their half term holidays with friends.

They were happy, exhausted and a delight to be around for the whole day.

It is, safe to safe, my favourite treat day out for them here in Doha.

What to do with children in Doha, Qatar. We went along to KidzMondo Doha to see what the fuss was all about -and we weren't disappointed!

The details

KidzMondo Doha is located in the Mall of Qatar, and open from Saturday to Thursday 10am-10pm and on Friday from 1pm to 10pm.


Children 4-14: 135QR

3 and under: 90QR

*note that Toddlers are restricted to 6 games only, and do not earn or spend Kidlars

Under 1s: FREE

Adults: 90QAR

Food and beverages

No outside food can be brought into KidzMondo.

Options inside include; Mr Pizza, Build-it-Burger, Ice Cream, Mini Pancake and Coffee Mokarabia.


Some attractions have a height limit imposed for safety reasons.  However there are over 50 attractions inside, so there is something for everyone.

We went to see what all the fuss was about with KizMondo Doha.  Was it worth it with a four year old and a six year old?  What is KidzMondo Doha?  Would we go back?

Kidzmondo Doha - is it worth the money to take your children to the virtual city designed just for kids in Qatar?


we received complimentary entry for the purpose of this review

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