How to enjoy a day out with the kids without breaking the bank

The Easter holidays will soon be upon us, and families up and down the land will be loading up the car and heading off to zoos, theme parks and assorted other attractions. If you are having an inward sigh at the thought of the queues, the crowds and, most of all, the expense, perhaps it is time to do something a little different. 

2019 is turning into another tough year economically, so if you’ve managed to save up a little money, it’s best left tucked away in ISAs and savings accounts. Here are some ideas for great days out that won’t tempt you to raid the piggy bank. 

Take a picnic

Everyone loves a picnic. It’s a fantastic way for the kids to enjoy some good old fashioned outdoor fun without spending any more than you’d have spent on filling their tummies anyway. Arrange to meet up with some other families, and it can be a nice opportunity for Mum and Dad to socialise, too! 

Of course you could go to your favourite spot, but how about this for those of a more adventurous persuasion? Emma Healey is a frugal travel blogger from the USA and her strategy is to find a green space on Google Maps at random and then investigate the place online to see it it’s suitable for a family expedition. Give it a try, or better still, let the kids have a go!

A day at the museum

The only problem with going to a museum is that the kids might turn their noses up at the idea, expecting it to be boring and educational. These days, however, museums are about more than looking at exhibits in glass cases. There are usually activities going on in which the kids can get involved, especially during the school holidays. And hey, if they actually learn something at the same time without even realising it, that can’t be a bad thing. 

Try geocaching 

The first two suggestions might sound very traditional but this one is all about the 21st century, and all you need is a smartphone. If you’ve never heard of geocaching before, here’s how it works. A geocache is like hidden treasure, and geocaching is basically the world’s biggest treasure hunt. There are more than three million treasure troves hidden all around the world. To get started, simply log on to the Geocaching website or download the app. As an additional bonus, geocaching can open your eyes to new places right on your doorstep that you never knew existed.

Check the local press

It’s not till you start getting involved in the local community that you discover just how much is going on that costs nothing, or very little, to get involved in. Local shows, concerts and theatre are all terrific fun. On top of that, the small prices they charge for tickets often go towards worthy causes, so you will be doing your bit for charity, too. 

Looking for days out with the kids this Easter holidays that won't break the bank?

School holidays can be expensive - making memories with the kids doesn't have to be.

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