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Living away from family and friends is difficult. Whilst you’re generally always together for the big things, the christenings, the weddings, the big occasions. More often than not you miss out on the little things. The Sunday afternoon in the pub, the bad break up where you want to give them a cuddle, walks round the park.

It happens on both sides. And although Skype is an incredible tool for keeping in touch sometimes you just want to give a little more.

Enter the world of care packages

Originally we struggled with this. Namely receiving care packages here in Qatar as we don’t have our own PO Box and to this day I’m unsure how the postal system works.

Then along came Parcel2go who changed everything. Giving you a variety of options at different price points so you can pick the most suitable for you.

And I can get care packages from home delivered right to my door.

The question is; what makes a care package?

And of course, everyone is different. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz.

Heck, it was even different strokes for the same folk depending on what stage of life I was at.

When I was sent a Gratitude Journal

During my third pregnancy I had prenatal anxiety due to previous birth trauma. As such I was put under perinatal mental health and worked through some of my issues with a psychologist.

We discovered that writing was one of my release points. Writing a blog. Scribbling down my fears. And affirming the positive in my life.

Enter the gratitude journal.

gratitude journal

It was one of the best things that could have been sent to me. To help me through my sessions. To let me know someone was thinking of me. That the miles didn’t matter they still had my back.

The little things from home

Now not everything can make it through customs here in Qatar (pork pies and wine I’m looking at you) but there are certain things that just make me think of home.

The little pieces of England that make me happy.

Certain chocolates – marvellous creations and Terry’s Chocolate Orange – particular crisps – nice n spicy nik naks – marmite – for my husband – varieties of tea that you can only dream of elsewhere.

Cadbury Chocolate

Generally all food related. But care package needs must.

It’s the little things

The things that people see and make them think of you.

That mug that is just so you, to have your morning cup of tea from.

A notepad that will make you laugh.

A silly pen, to write down the things that are bothering you.

A scented candle to help someone relax after you know they’ve had a stressful week.

And they are so important

To feel connected. To feel as though you are still living two minutes down the road.

A care package is more than just a treat, it’s a lifeline.

And it works both ways, I send out from here to the UK. They come in from the UK to here.

It’s more than a Skype, than a text, than an email. It’s a little hug from someone you love.


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