Our need for outdoor space

Living in lockdown has been an experience. And not necessarily one that I’m looking to repeat anytime soon.

One thing has become abundantly clear, the three boys need space, air and a garden. Without being able to get outside the three of them would have systematically and thoroughly destroyed my house.

Heck, even being able to get outside they’ve still caused some damage inside. Namely from wrestling with each other. Or fighting. Or playing some crazy game that involves riding each other like a horse.

I know.

They’re bananas.

Still I digress. Being outside has helped immeasurably. From giving them the much needed vitamin D, to wearing them out enough to sleep at bedtime.

And the outside that’s been available to us during lockdown is simply the garden. We’ve not been able to really leave the confines of our house, and it is as green as we can make it.

But what about the garden?

However, while it all looks idyllic with the sun beating down and smiling happy faces in the paddling pool. Watching little chubby legs running up and down the slip and slide.

And generally just over watering the grass has meant that it’s taken a bit (ok a lot) of a battering.

Dead grass. Squashed grass. Yellow grass.

You know the type, where you have patches of dead grass in the shape of the (now sadly deflated and popped) paddling pool.

It’s led to many a heated debate about what we can do, whether we rotate the pool around, or whether we invest in Astroturf.

We’re currently at a standstill about what we should do, coupled with the fact we are in the middle of buying our forever home, means that we’re loathe to do too much until we finally complete.

The benefits of Astroturf

The more I look into it, the more I am sold on the idea of astroturf. Hardwearing, beautifully green, grass that will stand up to the rambunctious games that my three boys will play.

Grass I can hose down. Grass I could hoover even. The ultimate in low maintenance with no need to mow or worry about if there is too much rain. Grass that won’t make hayfever flare up. And did I mention GREEN GREEN grass? And we have definitely missed green living in the desert for the past three years.

Our need for outdoor space

As I sit once again and watch the three of them chase each other round, crazily, I am constantly reminded of their need to be outdoors. To have the space to run around in. That need to burn off the excess energy and my need to move them away from the screens they are so desperate to spend all their time on.

Even if they are making my grass patchy.

I just might look a little bit deeper into Astroturf….

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