Using wall stickers to personalise my children’s bedrooms

If you didn’t know, we are currently in the process of buying our forever (or at least longer than 12 months….) home back in the green, green lands of home. Or more specifically, the green, rolling hills of the Peak District.

Whilst we do not have firm plans to leave expat life (just yet anyway) we do know when we head home where we want to head to, the life we want to leave, what we have been working towards the last seven years we’ve spent out of the country.

Each day sees us getting a little closer to exchange, to completion.

And each night sees me dreaming of home decor, divan beds and which pieces of furniture will actually make it back with us across the ocean (spoiler: not much!).

Decorating the boys rooms

With three boys, all growing up at a rate of knots, what they like, what they enjoy and what they are interested in changes on a daily basis.

That said, we still want to personalise their rooms without resorting to painting my five year olds room bright red (his current request!).

Having lived in several (okay, okay, a few more than several…) rental houses over our expat journey we learnt early on that one of the easiest ways to personalise a room was to use wall stickers.

Safe to use, no damage to the wall, and if you’re patient taking them down, quite often they are reusable as well.

Enter Ten Stickers.

Alongside googling divan beds with under bed storage I have been sneakily working out what each child may like in their room.

And what I would like.

The Baby

Being the smallest he is also stuck with the smallest room. Though when I think of it, he probably has the largest toys so that may need a re-think as the boys grow.

For now, he needs his bed and a chair for bedtime cuddles.

And on his wall?

I love maps of all kinds, we have a variety all around our house from standing globes to our wedding seating plan (set on a sepia world map) to a vintage map of Bahrain. It stands to reason that I would love this on the baby’s wall.

The five year old

OK so red is his colour.

But that’s just this week, last week it was blue, and the week before green. Decorating his room needs to be a little different as he will change his mind about whether he wants a space theme, or dinosaurs.

With that in mind my plan is a grown up feature wall with a height chart. Painting one wall in his room in a colour of his choosing (and I hope by then it isn’t going to be red) I then want to add a height chart.

But not just any height chart.

A “I just can’t wait to be King” from the Lion King pile up of animals height chart.

My seven year old

And last but not least, my seven year old. Though to be fair he is nearly eight.

He has completely outgrown the wonderful plane and cloud decals we had in Dubai.

These days we are all about Harry Potter.

While I wouldn’t want his whole room to be overtaken by Harry Potter the beauty of wall stickers is that they don’t have to be large to be effective.

I mean who wouldn’t want the doorway of their room to lead to Platform 9 3/4??

And unless you’re Hermione Granger then this simple little decal for the light switch should help you remember your spells…

Which would you choose?

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