Karndean: Flooring Masterpieces from the True Vinyl Artists

People like art. In fact they love it.

It’s a pleasure on the eyes and the senses and lasts forever to be enjoyed over generations and every artist has a signature that sets them apart. When thinking of vinyl flooring you may not imagine that they fall into the same sphere as established artists’ handiwork, however when it comes to Karndean click vinyl flooring, you get all the artists under one roof with a stunning selection of flooring solutions right under your feet.

Da Vinci

Timeless is the word best used to describe the Da Vinci range.

Combining a traditional finish with a bevelled edge, this classy range of luxury vinyl provides a slender, smoother plank than other options and a more textured layer to tiles giving the eyes a lasting imprint of perfection.

From Limed Silk Oak to Coastal Driftwood, the Da Vinci range is perfect for those rooms wanting class and sophistication to run from end to end. 

Van Gogh

Striking, Individual and authentic, the vinyl range befitting a true master’s namesake.

Van Gogh is a range offering a variety of tastes that give extra weight to those who love the timber look. Utilising intricate designs, Van gogh is manufactured to provide a unique look and feel with a tougher surface than other brands running at 0.55mm to guarantee a longer lasting floor use. For capturing the natural look in its rawest form, Van Gogh’s distinctive grain details leave the impression of real hardwood flooring with none of the hassle or expense.


Unlike the priceless works in museums around the world that cost millions in restoration costs, Karndean uses state of the art technologies to allow easy maintenance of both planks and tiles for years to come.

Moisture resistance provides safety from changing temperatures or those rooms where water hazards such as kitchens and bathrooms. Employing anti scratch properties, the floor is secure against pets claws and childrens toys leaving any scarring or impressions.

Anti slip properties provide extra levels of safety against running children or other potential slips and hazards. With amazing stain guard technologies you can be sure that those little accidents with red wine or food, or even mud being trampled in from outside, your masterpiece will not be ruined beyond repair.

Tools to repair your walked-on piece of art can be a simple mop and brush, with warm soapy water mixed with vinegar to retain its appeal and shine.

When you want a home to give off a look of wonder and amazement, Karndean click vinyl flooring provides beauty in aesthetic and a genuine avant-garde design for your home.

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