Should I Encourage My Child to Join a Sports Team?

The idea that some children are naturally sporty and others are not is erroneous. All children have some natural ability – you just have to find ‘their sport’. 

Sporting activities are excellent for children. They teach them hand-eye coordination, build strength and determination, help children understand about teamwork and some children will build life-long friendships through sport. Fitness is another bonus – obesity has risen as attendance at sporting events has dropped due to the popularity of computer-based activities.

Choosing a school with a good selection of sporting activities on offer is a good idea. This private girls’ school in Hertfordshire offers a wide range so there’s always something to suit each child.

Help your child find their sport

A good way to help your child is to present them with as many sporting opportunities as possible.

That doesn’t mean you need to sign them up for full terms of football or gymnastics…however, playing sports with them at home and in the park and letting them take ‘taster sessions’ at their local clubs will help them find something they enjoy. Your child might find more than one sport they feel passionate about!

Water-based sports 

If you live near the coast or near a particularly good swimming facility, your child could enjoy sports such as sailing and canoeing or even diving!

Swimming lessons are of course important and who knows – maybe swimming might turn out to be your child’s favourite sport.

Swimming with Zoggs Water Wings #ZoggsforSprogs

What if my child is shy?

Some parents worry their child might not like the loudness associated with some sports. But in fact, the sports field can be a great place to forget all about being self-conscious and children’s confidence grows as they build skills. The usual sports clubs offering football, cricket, rugby, basketball, netball and gymnastics are all good but don’t forget those lesser-known sports!

Here are some great ideas for less common sports your child could try out:

  • Hockey
  • Ice skating
  • Lacrosse
  • Show-jumping
  • Cheerleading – yes it’s a sport!
  • Golf
  • Archery
  • Surfing
  • Fencing
  • Skiing
  • Rowing
  • Water Polo

So many amazing sports! Why not sit down with your child and watch a few sessions of each sport whenever you have time. Your child may surprise you with what takes their fancy!

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