4 Things To Learn Before Becoming An Expat In America

America is the hottest destination for people around the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people enter the country. Some of them will just be tourists, some of them will be temporary workers, some of them are economic migrants and some will be expats. If you are an expat, seeking to move to America then you will need to join a line. Currently, there are about 10 million people who have emigrated to the U.S. and many of them will tell you about the things they wished they knew, before they made the move. Here are 4 of those things people would tell you.

Your savings 

America is the world reserve currency. This means that the world does most of its trade in USD, and consequently, the USD is often a weak currency. For example, the GBP is usually 1.30-1.40 to the dollar. So if you have your savings in a foreign currency, you may not want to move your bank account to America. Unless you can get a wholesale exchange of your savings into the dollar, don’t make the move. Even if you can, the USD is inherently weaker, so think twice before moving your savings.

Dealing with immigration

The USA has some stringent immigration laws and those that do not follow the law, will be subject to deportation. The US law system is a mixture of English common law, with the Roman political system. Hence, laws can change very quickly and they are very complex when applied. So use professional criminal defense attorneys that have experience in immigration law. If you are accused of breaking the law such as overstaying or not filing proper documents, then you may be penalized into paying a large fine. With a good domestic legal team in the US, you will be protected from unfair treatment.


Grid system

All cities in the USA have a grid system. This is mainly seen in places like New York City and Los Angeles. If you come from Europe, you may find this perplexing. You’ve often heard a character in a movie say something like ‘West on 6th, cross boulevard’. And, you’ve probably scratched your head in confusion. We recommend that you consider learning the American city grid system for navigation around cities before you arrive. It’s easy to get lost in large cities so be prepared.

Learn the history

Because Hollywood is a global entity, we tend to think as foreigners to the U.S. that we understand American culture. Well, don’t make the mistake that many have done, by not learning the history. The history will inform you of current divisions, painful memories and national political conversations. Don’t step on someone’s toes by saying the wrong thing or being ignorant about historical events that still to this day, affect many people.

America is a great country to retire to. You can enjoy the sun of California or the misty mountains of Colorado. Just make sure you are well-read on the laws, the culture, history and currency before making the move.

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