What To Do if Your Child Doesn’t Enjoy School

For many children there is often a reason why they may not enjoy attending school. But school should be a safe place where your child will grow and flourish as a student. 

What you can discover is that children learn and manage things in different ways. There may be something bothering them in school – such as bullying, struggling to pay attention in school, or finding certain subjects difficult for them to keep up with the other students.

When you do recognise changes in your child’s behaviour and attitudes towards school however, here are some top tips from this nursery in Winchester.

Find out what makes them feel negative about school

There’s usually a reason as to why your child doesn’t want to go to school. Sit down with them and ask how they’re feeling – if they’re being apprehensive about it, then there may be something underlying they’re afraid to tell you. Nevertheless, you should aim to intervene as quickly as possible to find out if they’re just not feeling it or if there is something genuinely wrong.

Give them a day off

Once in a while a day off isn’t so bad for your child. It can be nice to give them a break from studies and a chance for them to reset, so long as they’re not playing games or deliberately avoiding school. Remind your child that these days off can’t be continuous and that they will eventually have to go back to school, but now and then some time off won’t hurt.

Speak to your child about how to handle anxiety

If they’re in a stressful situation brought on by something that happens at school, then giving them the tools to combat stress will make them more prepared for future situations. To add to this you can also speak to your child’s teachers about their behaviour and how it could be fixed to help them in the classroom.

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