The great double buggy debate

We are in the middle of a great debate in our house; will we or won’t we get a double buggy.  And if we do what double buggy do we get?

We have that awkward age gap between the 2, the terror will be 2.5 years old by the time bump arrives.  Its the age where he wants independence and to walk but when he is fed up he wants to be carried.  Or he wants to walk the opposite direction to where I need him too.

Not so much of a problem when I only have him to contend with, but much much more of a problem when I will have a newborn plus him to contend with.  On top of the potential c-section which is looking likely to happen.  That’s not going to agree with carrying a 13kg toddler around!

Now, I have looked into babywearing with the help of the Dubai Babywearing group and I know that this is something that I will definitely be doing.  But sometimes it’s not practical for me to have a baby attached to my chest.  And what if the toddler then wants to be carried instead?!

So we loop back round to the double buggy again.

Then I consider ways to use my single pram.

We have, the love of my life, bugaboo bee which has seen us through the terror’s baby years and toddlerhood so far.  And I am VERY reluctant to part with it.  We got this when the terror was 5 months old so we will need to kit it out for a newborn with a cocoon (or the all new carrycot that is now available) and get the buggy board for the terror to stand on.  The board sounds great, but it just doesn’t give me the option of strapping him down!!!  

And, again, back to the double.

The problems I am finding out here in Dubai are that stocks are limited.  You are not guaranteed to get a wide variety of choice to even browse in the shops.  And I need to test the toddler in it as he is tall.

There are so many choices.

And I can’t even get to test them all.

I am sure that we will still be debating this when bump arrives…..

Anyone have any words of wisdom?

What will become of my beloved Bugaboo??


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