One Month as a Family of Four

So we have done it.  First month with Baby Boy as part of the family complete.  Instead of posting monthly baby updates I have decided to do family updates. Mainly because I didn’t and haven’t done updates with the terror and as I’m swiftly finding out as a mum of 2 you don’t do something for one that you don’t do for the other.  Though my second cross stitch is still languishing half done…

Photo courtesy of Sophia Mattia Photography

In the first month we haven’t really indulged in what I call “Real Life” the husband was off three out of the past four weeks, my mum came out to visit and help, the day after she left my father in law flew in for a few days to take her place.  Real life is me doing my job as a stay at home mum, with both boys on my own Sun-Thurs while the husband is away at work earning the pennies.  Though its been a lovely gradual introduction to life as a mum of 2 and the support I’ve had has been fabulous.  Limited cooking, cleaning and ironing as well as sharing baby cuddles around.

The Toddler Terror

In that month, the Toddler Terror has adjusted amazingly to his new baby brother.  He also acquired “big Buzz Light” which may have helped buy a little bit of love for his baby brother.  We’re nearly all back settled down with normal routine commencing.  Naps, for now, are back but a little layer.  Bedtime, for the most part, no longer follows bangs and crashes with calls for help and tears after a couple of hours before giving in to sleep.  We’ve had a few night wakings that I think we are quicker to jump too than before in case he wakes the baby.  Our biggest problem this month, and the cause for many a trip to the naughty corner, has come from hitting.  The toddler gets over excited and then slaps poor baby boy round the head. Cue tears from all parties (as in mummy, toddler and baby) followed by defiant screams of “you no hit ME mummy” (erm I didn’t) while the baby continues to cry.  I’m hoping that our consistent reinforcement of gentle hands as well as the naughty corner is starting to sink in.  He at least gives me some warning now shouting “no hitting baby boy” (yep Baby Boy is known as Baby “Name” here) before attempting to hit.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy continues to be cute, good job really as he’s sleeping like a baby still and a newborn one at that.

Feed, poo, sleep and repeat. < Something must be working with the feeding though, super mummy milk over here with growth from 6lbs3oz (2.75kg) all the way to 9lbs (4.1kg).  All the chocolate I’m eating must be adding calories to my milk, probably shouldn’t stop.  We’ve moved from tiny baby clothes to newborn and I think soon we will headed to 0-3 months. Sleep is still sporadic and learning from my mistake of relying on books last time I am just going with the flow and waiting for him to fall into his own routine in his own time.  No more worrying if he does 3 structured naps of certain lengths.  No walking through the park sobbing because he won’t sleep.  He will get there in the end and I’m not about to rush him.

The Husband and I

We’re both pretty sleep deprived but functioning on it.  Taking turns in getting up with the toddler.  Supporting the other through it.  Making endless cups of tea.

I am feeling a little out of whack and I’m looking forward to working out what our routine will be going forward.  I have finally had the 2 boys by myself for the past few days and have figured out how to shower when I have 2 without waiting for them both to be asleep.  For those wondering its put the little one in the cot and the big one in our bed with the iPad before having the world’s fastest shower.

I’ve also worked out time to blog which is writing during night feeding so if my ramblings don’t quite make sense now you know why.

The husband has gone back to work, sleep deprived, with the added problem of having been off so long everything has piled up for him on his return meaning long hours and weekend work for the next few weeks.

Having had visitors we have both been able to carve out a little me time which we thought would be tough now we had a 1:1 ratio of adult to child, I managed a lovely Spa morning and the Husband managed his favourite pastime of a round of golf.

My Spa Treat

I’m hoping that we fall into a new rhythm, as all of us adapt to being a bigger family but I’m adamant this time not to stress about it and to enjoy the little moments.

What Matters

It doesn’t matter that Baby Boy isn’t sleeping through the night and that naps are generally are on me or the husband, what matters is the cuddles we are getting.

It doesn’t matter if everyone is in their sick covered pjyamas at 1pm, what matters is the kiss on the head that the toddler gives the baby.

It doesn’t matter that we are watching a little bit extra TV (we have discovered Barney oh joy) it matters that I’ve established breastfeeding.

It doesn’t matter if the Toddler goes to bed at little late, it matters that he gets a bedtime cuddle from his hardworking daddy.

It doesn’t matter that we are so tired we are going to bed with the Toddler, what matters is the squeeze of my hand that my husband gives me to tell me everything is going well.

With that I’m feeling very serene and will leave it there, excited to see what the next month will bring.

Photo courtesy of Sophia Mattia Photography

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