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I started this blog when I was pregnant with Baby Boy.  Those of you that have followed me from the beginning, or indeed know me in real life, know that neither of my pregnancies have been normal.  Both have been high risk.  Each time I have made it to around 38 weeks pregnant before issues start to arise.  Each time my pregnancy has ended in induction.  Each time my induction has ended in an emergency c-section.

Each time it has been the midwife that has made the call and saved not only both my boys lives, but my life too.

That is why I wanted to get involved with MAMA Academy and become a MAMA Academy blogger.


MAMA Academy

MAMA Academy is a registered UK Charity who’s mission statement is “to be the UK’s leading charity providing information to expectant mothers and their health care professionals, to promote positive pregnancies resulting in the safe delivery of healthy babies”.  They do by empowering mums to be to take charge of their own pregnancies, arming you with knowledge and understanding to support your antenatal experience.

A wealth of information can be found on their website, including information of two conditions which I had to contend with through pregnancy essential hypertension and group B strep infection.  Breaking down the complicated notes that the hospital and doctors give you so you have a greater understanding on what is going on with your body.

You can support this wonderful charity in loads of different ways from skydiving to recycling old baby wipe packets.  More details can be found here.

Over the coming months watch out for more MAMA Academy posts from me and continue to spread the word about #PositiveAboutPregnancy.

go #TeamMAMA


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