Starting 2020 with a whimper rather than a bang

Somehow the first week of 2020 has already passed. A flurry of New Year, New Me posts have been spied on Facebook. It’s official, 2020 is here. And I even went to a NYE party to prove it (which definitely did make my New Year start with a banging headache)

By this point I would normally have boarded the blogging train, all ready to get back onto it. Pumped full of ideas and good intentions that tend to drop off towards the end of the month for a more realistic schedule.

As the school holidays end, depositing the feral children back to school, and I can head back to routine. With just me and the little man at home.

There are normally photo posts looking back at the year that was, and goal posts looking at the year to come. Travel posts planning our travel out meticulously.

And yet here we are, nearly two weeks in

And I am yet to put fingers to keyboard.

Not because I haven’t wanted to, or that I’m lacking for ideas. I have a whole page in my passion planner that says otherwise.

bullet journal, passion planner, blog ideas

And it’s not even that I lack in time. I just seem to be using my time for other things. Like food shopping. And coffee. And life offline in general.

I just haven’t found what is going to work for me this year yet.

And that’s ok too

2019 saw some big changes for us.

Adjusting to a new baby in the house (as an aside how, HOW, is he already one?!) and with friends moving on to new countries as we returned after the summer. We’ve been busy making some big decisions for the children which seem to have taken all our energy.

My life offline has definitely taken precedent over my online writing and sharing.

And that’s not a bad thing

When I first put fingers to keyboard five years ago, I had one child and was heavily pregnant, living in Dubai.

30 weeks pregnant with #2, blurry and photobombed!

I didn’t work, or even earn money from the blog, it was simply a way for me to record my memories and share bad blurry phone photos.

Fast forward five years we’ve moved house four times, including a country move over to Qatar, added two more children to our family becoming a family of five, travelled more than I thought possibly with children, and now I earn money.

Blogging is both a passion and a job these days, but I seem to be finding less time to do both.

Life has changed. And so have I.

Maybe that’s why it’s taken me a little longer to get out of the blogging box in 2020. Or maybe it’s just my capacity to complete sentences has completely gone out of the window with baby brain. Still now I’ve started, ticked off my first post of the year, now there’s (hopefully) going to be no stopping me….

Now I had better go get the protesting baby up from his (tiny) nap.

Until next time.


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