34 Weeks

Last week I was 33 weeks pregnant, this week I’ve made it another week to 34 weeks and I actually, wonderfully, have nothing new to report, I survived the weekend on my own while the husband was away running marathons…..nothing more about the GBS which is fabulous, I mean I still need the antibiotics but other than that it’s all controlled.  As is the blood pressure.

And at my appointment, the doctor wrote this on my notes:


And for those who can’t read my doctors handwriting, that actually says I am a candidate for a VBAC!!  Which I am especially pleased about after the toddlers birth.

And now, drum roll please, the 34 week shot:


It is actually the same outfit I was wearing in my 25+6 shot….much difference?

Next up 35 weeks…..it’s flying!

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