33 Weeks

Another week another update….last week I was 32 Weeks which makes me a rather massive 33 weeks this week.

And the big thing this week is my blood pressure is still steady so all is still good here!

The husband is preparing to leave for Barcelona on Thursday to run the marathon  (on Mothers Day no less!) So much of our week has been spent getting ready for my mum to come out just in case anything happens, fingers crossed it won’t, and starting to pack the house up ready as we have just signed our new rental contract!! Woooooo!  I say I’m packing up, I am moving things and placing them on the side TO be packed and watching the husband lug boxes around.

I’ve finally finished the antibiotics for the GBS+ infection and bump is growing nicely.   And even more exciting my Dr has not only scribbled GBS+ antibiotics required all over my maternity notes he has now written the immortal sentence “VBAC potential candidate” which I am very happy about, those of you that follow me regularly know that I am up in the air about this especially having reflected on the toddler terrors birth!

And my final pregnancy related news is that I have fabulous friends over here in Dubai who treated me to a lovely baby shower meal in Carluccios Dubai Mall (pasta craving central!) followed by gorgeous cake from the Hummingbird Bakery and a wonderful gift of a voucher to go spend some time at the Nail Spa!   I am truly spoilt!!!!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again thank you all!

My beautiful balloons (that only had a slight detour to the table and the toddler has been in his element ever since with them!)

33 Week Bump:
Next week….34 Weeks.

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