The meal plan #1

Now following on from my shocking food bill, my mum being on holiday with us so a week of indulgence, and the thought that I should return to meal planning I thought it might be an idea to actually share the meal plan we have for this week, I shop on a Monday so meal plans generally start from there getting steadily more desperate as the food runs out and I realise I should have bought more!
After the past months of marathon training culminating in a massive carb load the week before and too much pasta for a while I’ve actually taken pasta off the menu this week!!


I send the husband into work with lunch 4 out of 5 days a week (I can’t help it, it is the housewife in me… plus I get food envy if he gets to go eat burritos every day!!!)

This week he has one of the following choices:
Ham and Cheese sandwiches
Tuna, pasta, pesto with feta cheese cubes
Homemade tomato soup with half a ham sandwich
My lunch however tends to be forgotten about, last week I ate a lot of mozzarella with olive oil and ground pepper, hummus and bread, eggs on toast (standard).  This week I have beans in (beans on toast), more eggs and more mozzarella….
And the toddler gets fed 3 out of 5 days at nursery and then I tend to go to eggs for him.
And the weekend rolls round and I’m out of ideas, we end up with cheese and ham toasties…..
Lunch is not my forte and I am rubbish at planning it as you can see above!!
However dinners I can and do properly plan, then stick on the fridge….

meal plan

This weeks dinners:

Monday – Philly Salmon with rice and salad

Simple as it sounds, salmon fillet spread with Philadelphia cheese sprinkled with breadcrumbs and served with rice cooked in chicken stock with a bit of green.

Tuesday – Chicken stirfry with noodles

Again,  relatively simple chicken stir fried with extra veg for me and just carrots and green beans for the husband!  I kind of make up a marinade as I go along, so it’s 2tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp honey, squeeze of lemon, pinch of chilli flakes and ground black pepper mixed in a cup and chucked in as and when, so a bit when the chicken goes in and the rest when the noodles are added!

Wednesday – Lamb tagine with rice and Arabic bread.

This is my tasty treat for the week, very rich and filling and satisfying!   My recipe can be found here.

Thursday – takeaway…. 

Thursday is the start of the weekend in Dubai so it’s always treat day!

Friday – toad in the hole with mashed potato for me and loads of gravy.   And with chips for the husband!

I’ve been trying to get this right for months!  I can cook sausages.   I can cook Yorkshire puddings.   I haven’t yet mastered them together but I keep trying!!!!!  Any tried and tested recipes please share!!

Saturday – roast chicken breast, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and veggies.

The traditional and standard Sunday roast!

Sunday – Chicken goujons with chips and salad.

Really easy one here:
1.  Cut chicken into strips
2.  Roll in seasoned flour
3.  Roll in egg
4.  Roll in breadcrumbs
5.  Place on baking tray and bake at c.200 for 20 minutes!
Then it’s back to Monday, writing another shopping list and trying to decide what to eat that week.
I’m back to pinterest to see what else I can serve up, unless anyone wants to share any great recipes?  And freezable ones as I think about stocking the freezer up before the baby arrives….

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