My Monthly Bucket List – November

Well the year has sped by in a flash, I started it pregnant and now I have a bouncing 6 and a half month old as well as being the proud owner of a threenager.

Its November. Already. Eep.

October’s List Reviewed

1. Celebrate my big boys THIRD birthday

My baby is THREE! And as he told me earlier today

I can do it. I’m a big boy

We had a wonderful time for his birthday, the digger cake went down a treat and I’ve been asked every day since

Is it my party again?


2. Start to potty train

Started. Persevered. Pretty much there!

3. Go out to brunch

Well Babies and Beyond came, they babysat, we went!

Champers anyone?



4. Start our weaning adventure

A picture says a thousand words.


5. Run!

I finished September with a measly four runs and a list of excuses as long as my arm. Determined to do better in October.

I’ve finished October with a measly four runs and more excuses.

The silver lining is that at least in the same (measly) four runs I have increased the distance I’ve been able to cover by about half a mile so I’m definitely running more and walking less when I do go out.

October Update

6. Get blog organised

Still haven’t got my planner and I’m still haphazard with writing my posts, they’re being written but after a summer of being super organised with weeks scheduled it feels strange to be writing and publishing same day. However I’ve found some lovely blogging Facebook groups though and I’m getting more blog social if not organised.

I think I’ll add the planner to my Christmas list.

November’s Monthly Bucket List

1. Start Christmas Shopping

It’s November it’s definitely allowed!

2. Stock up the craft cupboard and get crafty with the Toddler again

It’s been ages since we’ve done anything particularly crafty and I have a great idea about acting out The Three Little Pigs after a slight obsession with a particular Bing episode one little boy has. I need to stock up on glue and glitter and paint – then get out in the garden to do it!

My last attempt at craft was building the digger.


It’s definitely time for some more!

3. Baby Coffee Mornings

It might sound really silly but I want the Baby to have his own friends as well and not just always tag along with the Toddler. While some of my friends have had babies around the same time as Baby Boy was born which is fantastic it seems we all try to do things that entertain the Toddlers.

Is this yet another second child problem? They just play tag-a-long?

Anyway to remedy this I’ve set up my own coffee morning group and I intend to hunt down a couple more to go to while the Toddler is otherwise occupied in nursery.

4. Decide and create a 5 year Plan

I need to decide on where I want to be in the next year, three years, five years and devise a plan on how to get there. I never planned on being a SAHM and I have interviewed out here (unsuccessfully) for a full time job. I need to decide on what my future holds and what tools I need to equip myself with. Potentially further studying. Potentially looking at blogging. Potentially. Potentially. Potentially.

5. Stick to my running plan

Not only to meet my challenge target but because exercise helps me manage my chronic hypertension.

And running is a stress relief after a day of not being listened too….

6. See a Sleep Consultant

The Toddler hasn’t been sleeping and while I’m sure that it is just developmental and to do with the fact that he’s been poorly we have been offered a consultation with a Sleep Consultant. I must admit I’m very intrigued as to what she will tell us and I’m looking forward to it.

sleep crop

7. Blog on…..

Keep going with #effitfriday and #blogstorm. Keep adding to linkys every week but don’t feel the linky pressure. Blog every day if I have something to say. Keep blogging fun (yet organised) and remember that I’m doing this for the love of it!


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  1. December 23, 2015 / 8:04 am

    A monthly bucket list! That’s clever. I might even pinch your idea. If that’s ok? What a great way to get yourself organised. Since becoming at SAHM I’m useless at motivating myself. Home has always been where I’ve relaxed so giving myself a kick up the butt to get stuff done is not easy. Especially on little sleep!

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