A Year On; My First Blogiversary

This time last year, I was pregnant, not working and with the Big One in nursety there was only so much cleaning and nesting I could do so I googled “how to start a blog” and Life with Baby Kicks was born.

Since that first post “Joining the Masses” went live a lot has changed on my blog (thankfully as to start it was a bit of a mess) and I’ve learnt a lot along the way.  I was going to write a my favourite posts kind of post, but the fact that it was happy new year already meant I’ve already written about my top ten most popular posts in 2015.

My blog has become my outlet to record what’s happening in my everyday life.  Which is probably why at times it gets to the stage where those things I’m passionate about, such as breastfeeding, play a large role.  Or those things that are happening, like lack of sleep, make me become a tad obsessive. It’s probably why my blog is difficult to tag as a particular niche, other than the broad spectrum of parenting, because it is basically just a little piece of my heart and soul on the internet.

I truly didn’t expect to fall headlong into this crazy world, much less be welcomed with open arms by a community making online friendships despite being out in Dubai (looking at you Prabs) meeting like-minded people who share the same passions starting collaborations like #PositiveAboutBF. But fall headlong I have and what a year it’s been.

From getting a Mumsnet blog of the day on the same day that the Baby was born with “I Never Planned to be a SAHM” to the blogger scandal I managed to get myself tangled up in, to Huffington Post glory. Understanding that there is a way to make blogging a full time job and working with some fantastic brands on some amazing opportunities over the year.

Who knows what the next chapter of my story will be? One things for sure though, I love my corner of the internet.



  1. January 12, 2016 / 6:57 pm

    Heyy Laura… congrats on the one year and all the best to your future posts!! Love reading your blog and I could relate to so many of the articles being another mom blogger living in the UAE

  2. January 13, 2016 / 9:08 pm

    Congrats Laura – a milestone worth celebrating! A lot can happen in a year, eh?

  3. January 15, 2016 / 1:49 am

    We’re definitely meant for each other…I’m meant to be linky reading (busted) and thought ‘I wonder how her holiday’s going; I bet she’s been organised enough to schedule a load of posts’ so I popped along and of all the posts on the home page, this is the one that caught my eye. Meant to be…thanks for the mention (again) blog bestie! As you know, meeting you online was one of my 2015 highlights. Meeting you for real needs to be one of my 2016 highlights xx

  4. February 9, 2016 / 10:35 am

    I am very late but wanted to say happy blog birthday to youuu!!!! x x

    • Laura
      February 10, 2016 / 11:58 am

      Thank you! I think this calls for more cake!

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