#RememberingTheseDays Week 22 Round Up

It’s Sunday, which means that it is time for the #rememberingthesedays for photographs that capture the special moments in family life round up with myself and Clare from Mudpie Fridays .

Not only that but last Sunday we needed to have a klaxon sounding because after twenty weeks we are very excited to announce we have over 10,000 photos that have joined in with our hashtag!  This Sunday we have hit nearly 12,000 photos which is simply incredible.  We are still busy beavering away in the background to get something special sorted to celebrate, but between non-sleeping children, Christmas-a-coming and a 3 hour time difference we are yet to finalise. Watch this space though!

So yes, twenty one weeks in and we continue to be blown away by the incredible images, the beautiful memories shared and the real community feel that is starting to develop.  Instagram is my happy place, and I love that you all share these precious moments with us at #rememberingthesedays.

And with that said, we would love you all to keep joining in next week, we love seeing those precious family moments from the ordinary moments to the extraordinary, because let’s face it, when you have children even the ordinary moments become special.   Simply tag any photos of your memories #rememberingthesedays for a chance to feature.

This week for me it’s a faceless Christmas kind of feature…

#REmemberingTheseDays Week 22

Top Left – @letstalkmommy
Top Right – @hotpinkwellingtons
Bottom Left – @bammbookids
Bottom Right – @aaamylouxo

Dear Santa…

My very own little helper, looking adorable in his Santa hat. Don’t be fooled though, my Christmas tree is bare, the presents have been ripped to shreds and on his letter to Santa this year top of the list is cat food….

Fairy Lights

I love this photo of Monkey and his very own fairy lights for his very own tree. I really want to try and take a similar one of my boys (#christmasphotogoals) but I do not see that ending well….

We’d love to see your #rememberingthesedays photos, please do tag us over on Instagram.



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  1. December 11, 2016 / 8:22 am

    Thank you so much for featuring us. I must admit, I laughed a bit too much at your little one wanting Cat food, bless him!

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