April Bucket List

It took a while, but I managed to do my March Bucket List and before starting my April list I thought that I would look to see how I managed to do with my March list…I have to say I am pretty pleased with the progress!

March List Reviewed

1.  Keep the blood pressure steady and DO NOT have a baby until April!My blood pressure was staying steady until the end of March at which point it started to creep and I had a morning in hospital however, so far so good and I am still pregnant and it is now April….the baby is now allowed to come, but honestly the later the better!

2.  Start packing to get ready to move.   Which in reality being 8 months pregnant actually means making lists and directing the husband.We moved!!!  And got movers in in the end…

And on Sunday in fact we have a meeting with E-Walls Studios about the fabulous wall decal design we are working together on for the toddlers room.


Image courtesy of E-Walls Studios 


3.  Clear the spare bed ready for my mum to come and stay while the husband is off running the marathon, again more a directing of the husband!
Spare bed got cleared!  Mum arrived and then we extended her stay after the blood pressure spiking

4.  Find a new nursery for the terror.  This one makes me sad.   I LOVE his nursery, I just think that once the baby comes to join the family it’s going to be too far for me to drive 20 minutes each way to get him.   Sob.In denial.  Not done anything about this one!

5.  Buy a push present for the husbandBought, but you can’t know what it is until I have the baby and the husband finds out!


6.  Make time each weekend for the terror and focus on enjoying time as a family of 3 before the impending arrival of #2!We have done some but not enough of this, it has been so hectic with moving and marathons that we’ve struggled at times to do fun things rather than necessary things

7.  Pack the hospital bag….OK not packed yet, but I have the list of what’s going inside sorted, that’s progress right?

8. Make the final decision on the great double buggy debate!Resolved, we are the proud owners of a Baby Jogger City Mini Double and a how to on the carry cot posted after it stumped me for 30 minutes…

April’s List

Well seeing as baby is due at the end of April then I am sure you can all guess that it will be baby related but here goes…1. Have the baby!  And try to make it to at least 37 weeks (which is actually Monday the 6th….gulp)

2. Continue meal planning and double up on some recipes so we have enough to eat healthily when the baby arrives

3. Have a family photo shoot with the lovely Sophia Mattia Photography, either an end of pregnancy family shoot or with the new arrival

4. Finish off the decorating of the toddler room making it extra special with the wall decal design (so excited about this one!)

5. I am going to have to put the finding a new nursery back on the list as it does need to be done….

6. And finally, a blogging one, keep promoting my new featured blogging series “Travel with me…” to keep the series running and find out more blogging holiday adventures!


So it is fairly short but sweet this month, I think the main focus will be on the new arrival!


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